Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kucinich Sues Over Brutal Attack by Errant Olive Pit

I love Dennis as much as the next guy, but readily concede that he is a bit of an odd duck.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich bought a sandwich from the Longworth House Office Building cafeteria in April 2008, and bit into it only to find an unpitted olive that cracked a tooth. This month, he sued the cafeteria for selling "dangerous" sandwiches.The complaint is pretty bare-boned: It claims that in April 2008, Kucinich purchased a "sandwich wrap" from the Longworth Cafeteria with an errant olive pit lurking within, and tragedy ensued.

Dennis Kucinich Sues Congressional Cafeteria Over Olive Pit

.... He's suing Restaurant Associates and three other companies involved in running and supplying the cafeteria for $150,000, claiming negligence and breach of implied warranty.

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