Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Note I Had to Slip Under My Tom Petty-Obsessed Neighbor's Door

Dear Neighbor:

Sure, Tom Petty's great. But did you know that being forced to listen to Tom Petty's Greatest Hits over and over and over for weeks on end is actually recognized as a form of torture under international law? It's true!

Of course, it's a free country – you have every right to stand your ground, or seek out good love (which, God only knows, is hard to find). But how about indulging just once per day? As it stands, it's gotten so my friends don't come around here no more, and I'm getting close to a breakdown. Sometimes I just have to flee the building, and I shouldn't have to live like a refugee.

Or how about using headphones if one dose of the Pettster isn't enough? Am I chasing down a dream, here? I don't think so -- there is an easy way out!




Dee Austin said...

That is Fantastic! Your neighbor is lucky to have you, as a neighbor. Good luck breaking free of the Pettster! :)

Fran said...

I love Tom Petty.

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